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Preparing for the Addition

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Written by Stacy Geier, Co-founder of Artisan Renovation Consultants in Pinellas County, Florida. They specialize in assisting people through the overwhelming task of home remodel and renovation.


The dreaded addition… Adding new roof line and heated/cooled space is a huge undertaking but in our scenario it proved to be the only logical choice.  Our home was a good size to begin with at 2010 sq.ft. It was certainly large enough for a family of four if it was all usable space. Our home had about 400 ft added years ago by finishing the garage. This area makes a perfect home office for us but we still knew going in that we would need to expand the square footage in order to set up the floor plan properly. That converted garage sits in a corner of the house and does not connect well with the main living area.

living room
Small living room

We had some very big issues to solve. First, our home had a tiny living room created by bedroom expansions over the years. The original and only other owners of this home had several children over the years. As they added children they added bedrooms but never increased the square footage. They robbed the living area and ended up with a very cramped 10×12 space. We could not even fit our furniture when we moved in.  This would not do.

We also purchased a very petite pink kitchen. The home was originally a 2 bedroom and so the kitchen was sized accordingly. We wanted a much larger kitchen as we both like to cook and use the space. The galley style kitchen was located in the narrowest section of the house and so the only option was to relocate the kitchen. (the kitchen is under construction and will be featured later)

We also needed to remove two original bedrooms, an original bath, and a bunch of walls.  This would make way for our new large kitchen and a greatly expanded living area.

The floor plan modifications above were required to create a new space for our larger kitchen and connect the newer 2 car garage with an opening into the house. As you can see preparing for an addition is a large task and requires excellent planning to make sure things come together properly. Coming soon we will display more of the addition construction and finished rooms.

We can help you with planning and designing your addition so that you can achieve your remodeling goals within your budget. We look forward to working with you soon. Call or Text @ 727-469-3070 or contact us at the link below:

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