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Navigating the Storm of Construction

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Written by Stacy Geier, Co-founder of Artisan Renovation Consultants in Pinellas County, Florida. They specialize in assisting people through the overwhelming task of home remodel and renovation.


The project is underway and as things progress a flood of questions enter your head. Is this moving forward at the proper rate of speed? Why is the job site so messy all of the time? I just wrote a huge check and why have I not seen anyone on the job for a week?  Is that wall straight? Is that bathtub level? Why are the shower outlets off-center from the soap dish inlays?  The heavy thoughts of doom push down on you and you’re suddenly queasy.  You realize you have made a mistake in your hiring and you are in trouble.

This can happen to anyone in the rough and tumble world of hiring contractors. Sadly the great ones are few and far between. Your chances of hiring a good one are greatly diminished based on your level of knowledge. The facts are that there are more bad contractors out there than good ones and telling them apart without seeing their actual work with your own eyes is very difficult. Even more frightening is that good-looking work can actually be bad underneath and cause major problems in the future.

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Thankfully in our situation the underneath work was done in a high quality fashion and with my husband’s experience he was able to verify that everything was done correctly. Where our project went sideways was in the finish and detail work. It became increasingly apparent that the proper sub-contractors would not be hired to finish the job correctly. The contractor was eventually removed from the job and we finished it as an owner-builder.

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Above are just a few pictures that display items we needed to correct. This is just a very small sample of a much larger list that grew until the contractor was removed. Most of the items were able to be remedied in full but some it was just too prohibitively expensive and not worth the cost.

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As you can see above the finished product turned out very good but it was not easy. The tremendous strain of dealing with removing a contractor and then regrouping to finish the job was very taxing. This was a rude awakening for us having to do deal with such poor quality work.

Artisan Renovation Consultants can help you avoid the pitfalls in working with a contractor on your project. Our professionals have been screened and used on multiple projects so that you do not have to hope and guess. The work will be done right the first time and at a fair price.

We can help you with planning and designing your addition, kitchen, or bath so that you can achieve your remodeling goals within your budget. We look forward to working with you soon. Call or Text @ 727-469-3070 or contact us at the link below: