Daniel and Stacy Geier – Founders of Artisan Renovation Consultants

Originally from Detroit Michigan, but Floridians now for ten years Daniel and Stacy have been in the renovating business for many years.  Back in the 80’s and 90’s Daniel worked with his father who was a licensed builder in the state of Michigan.  There are very few items in a home that Daniel has not built, fixed, installed or replaced.  In the Early 2000’s Daniel and Stacy entered the real estate flipping world where they bought and sold over 90 single family homes.  They managed and contracted every one of those renovation projects.  When the housing market became too volatile, Daniel and Stacy turned their focus to senior home care and internet marketing.  They did however purchase a fixer upper for their own home in Florida and because of schedule demands decided to hire the project out to a general contractor.   The process did not go well and Daniel and Stacy ended up finishing the project on their own.  This challenging experience with a general contractor and their love for helping others are the biggest reasons Daniel and Stacy created Artisan Renovation Consultants based in Largo, Florida.

“When our own home addition started heading in the wrong direction we took back control of our project. Although it was challenging we were still able to get a beautiful finished result. We decided to sell one of our companies and dedicate ourselves to helping our neighbors here in Pinellas County, Florida. Today we assist local homeowners in creating smart and stylish designs for kitchens and baths and all spaces within their homes.  Together we achieve high quality workmanship, stay on budget, and stay on schedule.  We love what we do!” – Daniel and Stacy Geier


Visit our main site at http://www.ArtisanRenovating.com to view all of our services.

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